Deus Ex Machina - OUT NOW!

A soundtrack album - featuring a variety of cinematic and orchestral compositions.

Recent Work




My portfolio features a diverse set of music genres: from loud and epic cinematic music, jazz and rock, to quiet emotive cues (click here if you want to hear for yourself). I have experience with scoring to picture (films, television, advertising), composing game soundtracks and related implementation via Wwise and FMOD as well as library music.


Sound Design

Video games, movies, advertising – sound design plays a crucial role for a great viewing experience. Visual stimuli always benefit from the impact of a strong auditory support. I can enhance your game or cinematic ideas by creating individual sound design and foley with original recorded and designed sounds.


Recording and mixing

I am experienced with recording solo instruments and vocals. If desired, it is possible to use live-recorded instruments played by experienced session musicians. To ensure that your work stands out from the crowd, the mixing and mastering of my music involves state of the art software and hardware